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 WoK.DE e-Sports Gaming

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PostSubject: WoK.DE e-Sports Gaming   WoK.DE e-Sports Gaming Icon_minitimeSun Oct 19, 2008 3:33 pm

Clan Name: WoK.DE e-Sports Gaming
Clan Tag: WoK.DE
Website: http://deporteselectronicos.com/war3
Server: Azeroth (US East) / Garena @ Deportes Electronicos Cup Room
Country: International
Note as to why you should be in WLA: WoK.DE, during this last month has grown up very fast, and became the best clan from South America. Our team counts with many talented gamers in Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Philippines, USA, Peru and Puerto Rico, and the most important, they are all manners and have conscience that without respect E-Gaming wouldn’t exist.

Head Manager: international orc WoK.DE|Nedbone
MSN: nedbone@hotmail.com
Email: nedbone@hotmail.com
Best way to contact: MSN/EMAIL

Assistant Manager: international Undead WoK.DE|Prask
MSN: caprask@hotmail.com
Email: caprask@hotmail.com
Best way to contact: MSN/EMAIL

international orc WoK.DE|Dayve
international orc WoK.DE|Imbecil
international orc WoK.DE|Danger
international human WoK.DE|Alexito
United States human WoK.DE|Cumulo
United States Undead WoK.DE|Cream
international Nightelf WoK.DE|Shiru
international Nightelf WoK.DE|W3FL
international Nightelf WoK.DE|xiU
international Nightelf WoK.DE|Rottereye
international random WoK.DE|Batata
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WoK.DE e-Sports Gaming
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