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PostSubject: RGV   RGV Icon_minitimeSun Oct 19, 2008 8:52 pm

Clan Name: Rio Grande Valley
Clan Tag: RGV
Website: RGV-Gaming.co.nr
Server: none
Country: international
Note as to why you should be in WLA:
We should be in WLA because we are an experienced team with enough time to apply ourselves in this league and not take up valuable space ^_-. We are a strong team ready to compete!

Head Manager: RGV_Owner
AIM: AnEndlessWaltz56
MSN: dsdanielt_366@hotmail.com
Email: The.Architect.Daniel@gmail.com
Best way to contact: MSN first, then AIM, then email, I check email several times a day but MSN is just so much easier =)

Qualifer Sub-Card Remaining: 1
Qualifer Wild-Card Remaining: 0
Season Sub-Card Remaining: 3
Season Wild-Card Remaining: 3

malaysia Nightelf RGV_Serry {RGV_Serry}
pakistan Nightelf RGV_Stud {RGV_Stud}
China Undead RGV_Feifei {RGV_Feifei} [Location: Canada]
China Undead RGV_Xixiaobi {RGV_Xixiaobi} [Location: Canada]
China Undead RGV_yyxxzx {RGV_yyxxzx} [location: Canada]
United States Undead RGV_Dragonwar {RGV_Dragonwar}
China Undead RGV_Chunan {RGV_Chunan} [Location: Canada]
indonesia Undead RGV_Vic {RGV_Vic}
India orc RGV_Ichor {RGV_Ichor}
China human RGV_ItsRaining
Vietnam human RGV_oaC {RGV_oaC}
India human RGV_raZieL {RGV_raZieL}
China human RGV_AquArIus {RGV_AquArIus} [Location: Canada]
United States human RGV_e-S {RGV_e-S}

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