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PostSubject: w.o-FAME   w.o-FAME Icon_minitimeMon Oct 20, 2008 5:34 pm

Clan Name: Without FAME e-Sports
Clan Tag: wFs
Website: http://withoutfame.co.nr
Server: Azeroth
Country: USA
Note as to why you should be in WLA: Trying to rebuild and re-emerge into league scene after several months of disbandment. We've assembled a strong team in little time and plan on picking up where wFs left off and make a statement by winning this league.

Head Manager: w.o-FAME.ReM
AIM: imapirateGARRR
MSN: RemedyUnseen@hotmail.com
Email: ImCaplock@yahoo.com
Best way to contact: MSN

Assistant Manager: w.o-FAME.PMurph
MSN: someone_21@hotmail.com
Email: someone_21@hotmail.com
Best way to contact: MSN

Qualifer Sub-Card Remaining: 1
Qualifer Wild-Card Remaining: 1
Season Sub-Card Remaining: 3
Season Wild-Card Remaining: 3

United States human w.o-FAME.Roach / w.o-FAME.Roach
United States human w.o-FAME.MeM / w.o-FAME.MeM
United States human w.o-FAME.ReM / w.o-FAME.ReM
United States orc w.o-FAME.PMurph / w.o-FAME.PMurph
international orc w.o-FAME.NoName / w.o-FAME.NoName
United States Nightelf w.o-FAME.mL / w.o-FAME.mL
United States Nightelf w.o-FAME.GS / w.o-FAME.GS
United States Nightelf w.o-FAME.Rob / w.o-FAME.Rob
international w.o-FAME.bOn / w.o-FAME.bOn

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