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 Admin Staff:

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PostSubject: Admin Staff:   Fri Oct 17, 2008 11:26 pm

Head Admin

Name: Brandon { WLA)Jolly }
Bnet ID: Go.JollyRogers
GGc ID: Go.JollyRogers
Email: wclamerica@gmail.com
MSN: Blazetheweed@hotmail.com
AIM: Solid Liquid X
Best Way to Contact: Email/AIM/MSN

Match Admin(s)

Name: Piotr { WLA)IceCold }
Country: USA
Bnet ID: Go.IceCold
GGc ID: Go.IceCold
Email: wclamerica@gmail.com
MSN: --
AIM: Habachi44
Best Way to Contact: AIM/Email

Name: Alex { WLA)King }
Country: USA
Bnet ID: KingOfLullaby
GGc ID: KingOfLullaby
Email: --
MSN: --
AIM: KebloShizar
Best Way to Contact: WC3/AIM

Name: Pierre { TGL-YuMMy }
Country: Canada
Bnet ID: TGL-YuMMy
Email: marc_397@msn.com
MSN: marc_397@msn.com
AIM: --
Best Way to Contact: MSN

Name: Adam { WLA)Scythe }
Country: USA
Bnet ID: Scythe)
GGc ID: WLA)Scythe
Email: happywhale@mac.com
MSN: --
AIM: Litvack22
Best Way to Contact: AIM

Name: WLA)Sakura { RGV_Owner }
Country: USA
Bnet ID: RGV_Owner
GGc ID: RGV_Owner
Email: dsdanielt_366@hotmail.com
MSN: dsdanielt_366@hotmail.com
AIM: AnEndlessWaltz56
Best Way to Contact: MSN

Name: Dredrick { zK.Dredrick }
Country: USA
Bnet ID: zK.Dredrick
GGc ID: zK.Dredrick
Email: Dredrick@gmail.com
MSN: Dredrick@gmail.com
AIM: zKDredrick
Best Way to Contact: MSN

Name: Taylor { WLA)IcE }
Country: USA
Bnet ID: IcE[cF]
GGc ID: IcE[cF]
Email: icecf@hotmail.com
MSN: icecf@hotmail.com
AIM: icetaylor1982
Best Way to Contact: Email/Aim/MSN/Clan cF
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Admin Staff:
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