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 Qualifer Begins.

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Qualifer Begins. Empty
PostSubject: Qualifer Begins.   Qualifer Begins. Icon_minitimeTue Oct 21, 2008 4:59 pm

Qualifer Begins. Wlaqualybeginbanneres9

The official Warcraft League of America: Qualifer has begun. Below is a list of the twelve teams that were accepted, followed by the teams that would have been accepted had they applied just moments earlier. The order of the waiting list is the order in which teams will be called on to replace other teams if ejected from WLA. From this point on, it is assumed that all managers have read the rules, and understand how WLA works. This is wc3l style, four Best-out-of-3 solo series, and one bo3 2v2 series. A player cannot play multiple solo series, but is permitted to participate in a solo and the 2v2. Best of luck to all the participants! You may begin scheduling/playing your games immediately.

Qualifier Teams:

    Group 1:
  • Go e-Sports!™
  • Team uVe
  • Clan WRu
  • s[2]n
  • Infernal Cry (InfC)
  • Alliance of Soldiers (AoS)
    Group 2:
  • Azeroth's Last Kings (zK)
  • TgC
  • RGV
  • w.o-FAME
  • GGs
  • Clan cF

Waiting List:

  • Re
  • eAa
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Qualifer Begins.
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