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 Team uVe

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PostSubject: Team uVe   Team uVe Icon_minitimeWed Oct 22, 2008 4:54 pm

Clan Name: United-Vengence
Clan Tag: uVe
Website: Team-uve.co.nr
Server: Azeroth (US EAST)
Country: USA
Note as to why you should be in WLA: A growing team with mannered players and a strong work ethic, players are well mannered and a lot of possible hosts for clanwars.

Head Managers:

MSN: Kayvon92@hotmail.com
AIM: Kayvon689

AIM: Lebboy200666
MSN: joeylebrenton@hotmail.com

MSN: caphrask@hotmail.com

Qualifer Sub-Card Remaining: 1
Qualifer Wild-Card Remaining: 1
Season Sub-Card Remaining: 3
Season Wild-Card Remaining: 3

United States human uV.Expo86
United States human uV.Dogg
United States human uV.Lebboy
international Nightelf uV.Beatles
United States orc uV.Baka
United States Undead uV.OcKy
United States Nightelf uV.Sushi
international Nightelf uV.Rottereye
international orc uV.Imbecil
international orc uV.Dayve
international human uV.Alexito
international Nightelf uV.XiU
international Undead uV.Prask
United States Nightelf apm70
Chile Nightelf uV.MachO
Chile Nightelf uV.Anathorn

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Team uVe
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