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 Clan InfC

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PostSubject: Clan InfC   Clan InfC Icon_minitimeFri Oct 24, 2008 3:45 pm

Clan Name: Infernal Cry
Clan Tag: InfC
Website: Http://www.claninfc.co.nr
Server: Azeroth
Country: USA/CA
Note as to why you should be in WLA: We are a pretty old and well-established North American WC3 team and with many past league experiences. Being a former league admin to such leagues as TFL/WGS, iCL s1, iCl/iCE s2, iTL s2, etc, you can count on this manager knowing the ins and the outs of what is to be expected.

Head Manager: AnatoLiy
AIM: AnatoLiya89
MSN: AnatoLiya89@hotmail.com
Email: AnatoLiya89@yahoo.com
Best way to contact: Aim/MSN

Assistant Manager: NzaR
AIM: beelzebubn
MSN: Beelzebub_n@hotmail.com
Email: claninfc@gmail.com
Best way to contact: MSN/AIM

Qualifer Sub-Card Remaining: 0
Qualifer Wild-Card Remaining: 1
Season Sub-Card Remaining: 3
Season Wild-Card Remaining: 3

Canada Nightelf Nooblarish
Canada Nightelf InfC.pie2
United States Nightelf GT-Onizuka
United States Nightelf Zigy42
United States Nightelf InfC.NeMaTo
United States Nightelf InfC.Penguin
Canada orc InfC.Derosa
Canada orc InfC.0dyssey
United States orc Alicia.Keys
United States orc AnatoLiy
United States orc InfC.Jonas
United States Undead InfC.Lucifer
Canada Undead InfC.coL
Canada Undead InfC.Tricksta
Canada Undead InfC.NzaR
Canada Undead Casanova
United States human BreatheCarolina
United States human InfC.Hansimi
United States human InfC.ButtJuice
United States human InfC.Modest
Canada human Angry.Solo

International Players:
international Nightelf InfC.PhilBoiS
international orc InfC.WoC

Thank you very much for your time and we wish the best of luck to the league and all the teams competing.
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Clan InfC
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