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 Go! vs s[2]n

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Go! vs s[2]n Empty
PostSubject: Go! vs s[2]n   Go! vs s[2]n Icon_minitimeWed Oct 29, 2008 12:04 pm

Go e-Sports!™️[Go] United States vs Usa/Korea [s2n]Second [2] None
Time: 8pm EST; Oct. 28th

Line up:

  • Solo
    United States Undead Go.Hitok: vs United States orc Pride[s2n] | 0-2
    Map: Gnoll Wood, Terenas Stand
    United States random Go.Twilight vs Korea Nightelf Hyo[s2n] | 0-2
    Map: Twisted Meadows, Terenas Stand
    Chile Nightelf Go.Anathorn vs United States human Ssm[s2n] | 2-1
    Map: Terenas Stand, Echo Isles, Gnoll Wood
    United States human Go.gDaM)a vs Korea Nightelf Shakiel[s2n] | 0-2
    Map: Melting Valley, Turtle Rock

  • Team
    United States Nightelf Go.Playtime & United States Undead KingOfLullaby vs United States orc Pride[s2n] & Korea Nightelf Hyo[s2n] | 0-2
    Map: Avalanche, Gnoll Wood

Go! United States [1:4] Usa/Korea s[2]n

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Go! vs s[2]n
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